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Allie Y.Allie Y. from New York, NY
She is so wonderful. She explains everything and makes you feel very relaxed. She wont give you unnecessary treatments, ever. She'll tell you upfront whether she can help you or not. The business is very clean and cozy. She is pretty flexible with times and payment with insurance. If she recommends supplemental herbs, take them. They are more than worth the price. They helped my mom and I tremendously.
Stacey KouchtafStacey Kouchtaf from Bayside
 I came to Dr. Pak with horrible knee pain that was impacting my everyday life. it was so bad at night I could hardly stand from a seated position.  Within ONE session I was able to have my mobility back! I am pleased to say i am back to running and pain free.  Dr. Pak's calming nature had me thinking about  treatment for my eight year old daughter.  Sophia has suffered from seasonal allergies since the age of two.  The allergies have progressed over the years and turned my beautiful , vibrant little girl into a cranky,congested mess!  Her pediatrician had prescribed nasal spray,eye drops,an air purifier and an otc allergy medication.  The side effects of allof these were sad to watch.....rashes,headaches,moodiness,and lack of energy.  Sophia  went to Dr. Pak a few months ago and it is ASTONISHING! No need for any medication.  She can enjoy being outside and the allergies are gone (aside from the occasional sneeze).  Acupuncture works quickly with children and there are no side effects. I cannot thank Dr. Pak enough for what she has done for my family.
SusanSusan from Flushing
A friend of mine gave me a name card of Dr. Pak for the treatment of my menopausal disorders. I was suffering from hot flushes, sweating, sleep problem and mood swings since I stopped period for the last 7 months. Dr. Pak gave me a batch of custom made herbal decoction. I have never taken this kind of herbal medicine before but I was ready to do anything to feel better. I was so surprised that how fast I felt better after taking herbal medicine. I am free from all the symptoms now and my whole family is happy thanks to Dr. Pak.
Teresa C.Teresa C. from Forest Hills, NY
Once a skeptic now a true believer in Acupuncture. I found Dr. Soon Pak through Groupon, where I purchased three treatments. I had such a positive experience I continue to go to her. The office is very clean and neat, her staff is very nice and she will work with you if your insurance does not cover it. I went to her for severe gastritis and knee pain (not knowing that one had to do with the other). I was amazed at the results after a month of treatment (I go twice a week) and I no longer have to take medication. She is extremely dedicated to her patients and truly cares about your health. She takes the time to listen to your symptoms and your concerns and evaluates treatment needed. I can honestly say I have not felt this good in a very long time. I have so much more energy (she has released all the blocked energy) and I am sleeping better - my overall health has improved so much with the help of Dr. Soon Pak. She is now helping me with my circulation and weight loss. I see an improvement already. I give her 5 stars. She is an exceptional, experienced and knowledgeable and caring acupuncturist. She truly does have the "LOVING TOUCH". Thank you so much Dr. Pak
I decided to give acupuncture a try for the painful and large neuroma between my second and third toe.  After numerous visits to my podiatrist and a number of cortisone shots over the last two years the only alternative left was surgery.   I did not want surgery.    After only 2 visits I started to feel that bothersome lump on the ball of my foot start to soften.After the 3rd visit I wore high heels for an entire day without any numbness or pain in those toes.  I am still a work in progress but my foot is so happy now !  Thank you Dr Pak!
I have always been an advocate of good health, exercise and well being. Having said that I also believe in the "holistic" approach to treating certain health issues. Over the years I have used acupuncture since I was diagnosed with a herniated disc/sciatica. Since this condition inflicted tremendous and constant pain upon me, for an entire year I utilized a massage therapist, chiropractor and an acupuncturist as a means of treatment. I NEVER took any pain medication. After taking a break from my treatments, my back pain was alleviated and was never an issue. Unfortunately STRESS at work and home began to deplete me and took a toll on my energy levels. As a result I catapulted into menopause and my body showed signs of neglect due too needless and unnecessary worry. I needed to find a good, experienced and knowledgeable acupuncturist. I found Dr. Soon Pak through Groupon. After she assessed and treated me, I literally felt like I was "jump started" with a new battery. She released so much blocked and negative energy from my body that I felt like the Energizer Bunny. I can honestly say that I haven't felt this energetic or energized since my college days. Unlike long term use of medication which is artificial, has side effects and can harm the liver I believe acupuncture helps the body heal itself and as an acupuncturist Dr. Soon Pak is an exceptional one!
I had to have frequent Pap tests and sometimes a biopsy depending on result of Pap low grade HPV.  I recently went for another Pap test and the GYN doctor called with good news that I not longer have low grade HPV and will see me in 12 months. The only thing I have done differently is to start acupuncture.  I truly believe the Acupuncture treatment is the reason the HPV is no longer on the grid.  Thank you Dr. Soon Pak you have made a difference in my overall  health in just a few months.
Mary AnnMary Ann from Bayside
It took 7 years, numerous specialists and countless procedures including a week long hospitalization to diagnose my extremely rare, chronic and debilitating migraines.  The migraines have crippled my and my family's life and absolutely nothing worked to stop them.  We have had to move to be closer to support systems, spend enormous amounts of money on medical fees and childcare providers and I have been unable to return to work.  I have been under the care of one of the leading migraine specialists in the city and on numerous medication cocktails for almost 2 years without any success....until I went to Dr. Pak at Loving Touch Acupuncture.  I'm telling you that for me NOTHING ever stopped a migraine once it started but on the first couple of visits, Dr. Pak managed to halt several coming migraines and I felt better than ever.  I was brand new to acupuncture and she made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  I feel refreshed and rejuvenated when I am done a treatment.  I have recommended acupuncture (and specifically Loving Touch Acupuncture) to any friends and family suffering health problems.  For the first time in almost a decade, I feel hopeful about my recovery and health.  Thank you, Dr. Pak. 
BlancaBlanca from Flushing
After knee replacement surgery and tons of pain pills I felt so out of sorts with pain throughout my body. I have been to 3 other acupunture places but Loving Touch, Dr Soon Pak is the best. I feel relief from my aches and pains and we are detoxing my liver from all the drugs. Thank you so very much. I  recommend Loving Touch Acupunture for anyone who really is looking for relief of pain, restoring energy and health back in balance.
PamelaPamela from Bellrose
I came to Dr. Pak for treatment of severe elbow pain and Sciatica in my left leg. We started with twice-a-week sessions, and after about 6 treatments I started to feel relief in the elbow. After another week the pain was gone in my elbow, and she began treating the Sciatica. It is improving as well, and the elbow pain has not returned. Dr. Pak is very sensitive and she listens carefully to symptoms and changes in them. I am very happy with the results.
ChristinaChristina from Whitestone, NY
Dr. Pak is extremely devoted to her patients. I came to her after two years of chronic foot pain, having endured everything from bunions to plantar fasciitis to heel spurs. My foot pain eventually caused serious back pain. Dr. Pak certainly had her hands full with my case! Although I am still a work in progress, I have experienced a great deal of relief, and have to thank Dr. Pak for never giving up on me and using her extensive knowledge base to treat my multiple symptoms. She definitely cares for her patients -- her practice is aptly named. 🙂
ElenaElena from Bayside
Thank you for helping me feel better.  Your service is greatly appreciated!
ShirleyShirley from Bayside, NY
I have chronic rhinitis for the past 20 years. I decided to give acupuncture a try. Dr Soon recommended herb medicine on top of the acupunture treatments. Today, I have felt so much better. Thank you, Dr. Soon !!!
I came to see Dr. Pak for a various issues..physically and emotionally.. Dr. Pak is kind, empathetic and above all a professional. She has helped me a lot in such a short amount of time. After my treatment, I leave feeling relaxed and physically better than I had in 2 months ..
I went to see Soon for severe sciatica pain. After the acupuncture treatment, the pain disappeared. She also treated me for pain in certain parts of my body, and I can't tell you how pain free I feel today. Thanks to Soon I can live my life feeling so much better.
AnnaAnna from Flushing, NY
You have helped me through my hot flashes, my kidney stones, my aching feet and many other issues I was facing. In addition, you helped me to lose weight. Finally, with the reform dining program I was able to lose 9 pounds. I feel better and I am so happy that my body responded so well to the program. I recommend this program highly to anyone who wants to lose weight. Soon, I can't thank you enough for your professionalism, your knowledge, your gentleness, your understanding, your kindness, and most of all your patience with me. I am so grateful to you for giving me my health back and for always being there for me and my family. It is much appreciated. Thank you from me heart.
TERESATERESA from Fresh Meadows, NY
I never thought I'd LOVE needles. Great Big THANK YOU for being such a caring doctor. You've changed my life.
MariaMaria from Bayside, NY
I never knew that acupuncture could help me with my hemorrhoids. I have been suffering for over ten years. I would have them removed and then they would come back again. My doctor's response was that some people are prone to grow them. In the beginning, they were just bother me at times. Then they started becoming more and more annoying. Recently, it was affecting my life. Every morning while driving to work it would be very uncomfortable to the point where I could not drive. This became dangerous for me and the people driving on the road. I did not know what to do. Suddenly, my best friend who happens to be Chinese was standing in front of me. It occurred to me, "What about acupuncture?" Her response was "You should inquire." I started searching the internet and discovered Dr. Pak. She is an incredible woman. She used the needles and the herbs and now I feel like I got my life back again. I can now feel safe driving to work everyday. Now she is going to work on my diabetes. Thank You Dr. Pak
I'm so lucky to have found Dr.Pak through Groupons. I have been suffering from a terrible case of allergic reactions about 3 weeks ago, and I had no idea what I can do about it. I tried taking histamines but my condition gradually became even worse. My hives came back more consistently and I became very depressed. However, I remembered that the last time I had a similar case, the Chinese herbs I used helped me recover about 10 years ago. Last time I went to a doctor in Chinatown, however since I did not want to make the trip from Queens to Chinatown again, I looked for a doctor in Queens and stumbled upon Dr. Pak. She is an incredible doctor in that she would customize the mixes of certain herbs for each individual condition and helped me recover from my hives after just three days of using the herbs she gave me! She found out that my liver was very tired from all the anger built up after I went to counseling and gave me an acupuncture treatment. It was difficult to sleep with the hives, but thanks to Dr. Pak, I can now get a good night sleep and I feel much better and more energized in the morning! Thank you Dr. Pak! My life is back!!
AlinaAlina from Bayside, Queens
I've been seen Soon for over a month now for stop smoking and it been 27 days since i've had smoke. I've tryed all other methods, pills, patch but nothing worked, but accupuncture works to stop smoking and keep you smoke free.
I was a skeptic about acupuncture. But i decided to try it. I had severe sciatica I had difficulty in walking and standing. It was an on going pain for years. I went to see Dr.Soon and within the week the pain wasn't as intense. By my second week of therapy I was feeling much better. Now I'm pain free thanks to Dr. Soon
I have been going to acupuncture for four months to treat the pain in my knee and for my overall general well being. My knee pain has since gone away with it only reoccurring on a rare occasion. Recently I have had various conditions that arouse such as severe dental pain, heat rash, and excessive weakness and tiredness. After each individual session of acupuncture the results were felt immediately. As a long term measure I started different types of herbs. The herbs have made a major impact in my health, and I feel much better than I did previous to coming to see Soon. I still continue to do bi-weekly acupuncture treatments for maintenance of my general well being and recommend Loving Touch Acupuncture to everyone.
NiaNia from Bayside, Queens
Soon helped me out tremendously. I was recently pregnant and a week past my due date. I decided to try acupuncutre as a way to induce labor and avoid a full chemical induction. soon was very accomodating a agreed to see me on a saturday and sunday (her days off). Her bedside manner is wonderful and she explained excatly what she would do during the session. The fact that she is also a registered nurse also put me at ease. I must admit i was very skeptical. However, during my two sessions, i did feel contractions! the following monday i was scheduled for a chemical induction. I ended up going into real labor and did not need medication to induce me! i really believe the acupunture had something to do with it. The end result was a quick labor!
FrancescaFrancesca from Whitestone, NY
Soon is a truly a gem. She is highly knowledgeable, compassionate, and extremely effective as a healer. I would recommend her to anyone as a first rate acupuncturist. I have been experiencing pain in my hip and knee joints which left me feeling desperate. Hoping to forgo painkillers, I focused all of my efforts on "natural" healing techniques like yoga, meditation, and diet. Nothing worked .... From my first visit with Soon, my symptoms radically improved. What a relief !!!
I feel so fortunate to have the help I need in such a skilled acupuncturist so close by. Thanks!
Nicole RamosNicole Ramos from Whitestone, NY
Dr. Soon is indeed a healer. About a month ao I was very sick. I was iternally healhty nohting was wrogn with me but I felt dizzy,heavy headed, I couldn't walk, talk, lift my head up or open my eyes. I was pointed into Dr. Soon's direction, because the medication the docotrs put me on wither made me worse or didn't help at all. This amazing woman knows exactly what she's doing & she healed me. Today I am back to normal walking & talking & going abut life like I should because of her work & herb tea she has given me. The first time I took the tea that night I felt better, I could keep my eyes open when before I couldn't at all. & little by little I got better. If you have a problem that you feel no one can help you with, definitely come here & she will most likely tell you what's wrong & will do the best she can to help you. I'm glad I came here. She & her work are definitely woth it.
michael santosmichael santos from Flushing
First I would like to say that Soon is a professional and down to earth person. She treats you like a friend not like a client. She is very sincere and really cares about helping you. I suffered from headaches for 25 years! The medication I used to treat my condition cost $33.00 per pill!
I averaged two/three pills per week. With no medical insurance I decided to try acupuncture.
Two weeks of treatment & herbs I'm cured of my headaches. 
EvangeliaEvangelia from Whitestone, NY
After going to numerous Doctors for a year,and many MRI'S to treat pain on my right backside and arm,i decided to try Acupuncture at Loving Touch and after 3 treatment my pain felt better so i continued treatments and today im happy to say the pain is gone,I highly recommend Loving Touch for any condition its the best Therapy i have ever had,very comfortable atmosphere,and Mrs.Pak is a lovely person.
Larry EismanLarry Eisman from Beechhusrt
Loving Touch is a perfect name for the care, concern and treatment provided by Soon Pak.  She is generous with her time, and takes great pains to explain acupuncture and how it relates to my symptoms.
My problem, severe spinal stenosis, had not responded to physical therapy and other, more traditional treatments.  However, after several weeks of acupuncture both my neck and lower back have begun to come around, and falling asleep, a seemingly unrelated problem, has improved as well.
Carlos J. AvilesCarlos J. Aviles from Brooklyn, NY
When I first came in contact with Mrs. Soon R. Pak from Loving Touch Acupuncture, I was a little skeptical about acupuncture. I had done research on line in regards to treating stress, anxiety, panic attacks, low energy and different body pains naturally without prescription drugs. Most of my research pointed to acupuncture as a solution. I pretty much researched different locations within Bayside, Queens and came across Loving Touch Acupuncture. Mrs. Pak welcomed me with open arms and from the first treatment I felt an overall improvement, I felt my stress level decreased as well as my anxiety level. Mrs. Pak did such a great job with me; she is now treating my wife and my oldest son as well. I would highly recommend Mrs. Pak treatment for anyone who is suffering from stress, anxiety, panic attacks and/or body aches and wants to be treated naturally without worrying about side effects arising from prescription drugs.  I feel my overall quality of life has improved since I walked into Loving touch Acupuncture.
IMIM from Flushing, NY
I was on sleeping pills for the last 12 years. After I stopped taking them, I constantly had severe headaches and could not rid them no matter what I tried. After numerous amounts of medications with no effect, I turned to acupuncture. However, other acupuncturists were not able to rid the headaches as well.
As I was about to give up, someone recommended me to go see Soon. After ONE treatment from Soon, my headache went away immediately and I was so happy I wanted to jump for joy.  I do not want to take sleeping pills anymore and am now working with her to get treated for my insomnia.
I recommend Soon to all my coworkers, friends and relatives. Please trust me when I say that Soon is a very effective acupuncturist.
J. KimJ. Kim from Flushing
I slipped on snow a few weeks ago and badly hurt my wrist. There was so much swelling and pain on my left wrist that I was unable to move it. I received treatment from Soon via needles and put on a special ointment.
The next day, the swelling went down, the pain lessened drastically, and I was able to go back to work immediately.
I want to thank Soon for her professionalism and ability to heal me so quickly.
Amy D.Amy D. from Whitestone, NY
I came to Loving Touch Acupuncture for treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and other various ailments.  I started seeing Soon in January 2010, twice a week.  Within the first week I noticed a difference in my mood and the way I was feeling (more positive).  After the second week there was a big improvement.  Even my husband noticed a change and was bragging to everyone about how much Acupuncture has helped me.  I was happier, had more energy, and could sleep a lot better.  During each session, Soon would ask how I was feeling and make any adjustments to the treatment as needed.  I also took some Chinese herbs that Soon had specially prepared. 
I am currently seeing her and we have also included treatment to stop smoking.  It’s only been a couple of weeks and I went from smoking a half a pack or more a day to 1 or 2 a day (It’s hard because my husband smokes), but I do believe the treatment is helping.  I would highly recommend Soon, at Loving Touch, to anyone.
  And I am a firm believer that Acupuncture works and will continue to see Soon on a regular basis for a happier and healthier well-being.
Stanley WorksmanStanley Worksman from Whitestone, ny
In July 2005, I was infected by a tick bite. In 10 months my doctor sent me to various specialists to determine what was wrong. Each time I was told to come back, come back and I came back. Slowly my energy level was diminishing and I developed other symptoms. Finally my doctor told me that I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Western medicine does not know how to treat this. I picked up a local newspaper and read Soon's advertisement. I was impressed with her credentials, as a registered nurse, and using pain free Japanese needles. Most acupuncturists do not use this. During the preliminary interview, Soon asked many questions and was observing me as we discussed my problems before the treatments. My body was so sensitive that her touch felt like a needle pricking my skin. I did not felt needles though. Each session she would ask about my prior week, health wise, listening and observing. She would adjust the treatment as needed, spending the time in the treatment room with me. I also took specially prepared Chinese herbs to supplement the treatments. I never felt relaxed with western medicine. The doctors were always in a hurry, treating as many patients as possible in a short time.
I never felt this way with Soon. A current blood test indicated negative to the problems Soon treated me for. I now feel reborn and will have many productive years ahead, thanks to Soon. God bless her!
MSMS from Fresh Meadows, NY
An exceptional experience! From the very first step I was impressed by the sparkling clean office and delighted by the fresh herbs aroma. Loving Touch Acupuncture & Herb PC is a unique blend of Traditional and Modern, Nature and Energy, Care and Experience. Ms. Soon is unbelievable, just one touch and she’ll feel your energetic imbalances. I come to the office with a friend – patient. My friend went to doctors, for over 3 years, with a rare disease but nobody cured him. In just two weeks Ms. Soon solved his problem without any operation or infusion of chemicals. I know that modern medicine is a business designed to maintain an illness NOT to cure it. On the other hand Traditional, Natural medicine goes to the root of the problem and makes/helps the body cure itself. “whatever the body creates, the body can cure” Thanks Ms. Soon, you are a real Loving Touch of Health
Margaret RhoMargaret Rho from Forest Hills, NY
I have never believed in acupuncture, even though I came from east Asia, until I got Bell's Palsy two month ago.
I tried to treat it with western medicine, with no results.
Guess what. Everybody, around me, was surprised to see my face came to normal after the treatment with acupuncture and herbs.
What made me feel even better was that all the problems, besides Bell's Palsy, like: constipation, urinary inconsistence and eye floatersm dissapeared one by one.
I am also a diabetic and my early morning sugar level has been fluctuating even with the prescription pills that I am taking.
However I found out recently that my sugar level came down and stabilized as well after the herbal and acupuncture treatment.
I am a better and healthier person now, I can only thank Soon for everything she has done for me
Anastasia KremmidasAnastasia Kremmidas from Bayside, NY
I have been suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for the last 10 years. I went to see Ms. Soon, six month ago, due to sciatica pain that I couldn't get help from any other doctors.
The pain disappeared like a miracle after acupuncture and herbal treatment done by Ms. Soon. I got treated for Bell's Palsy, frequent headaches, bone pain in my legs and extreme fatigue as well.
I do all the housework these days until my family stops me. I eat more but lost 15 lbs. and enjoy the comments of the people around me.
I can't thank Soon enough!!!
Maria AriasMaria Arias from Forest Hills, NY
I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety attacks. I was smoking a lot and I could not sleep well. I was very tired. After a couple of treatments with Soon, I started to feel better. Now I can sleep well, I don't suffer from anxiety attacks anymore. I feel strong and with lots of energy. I never felt like this before. Oh, last but not least, I quit smoking with the help of ear acupuncture!!! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!
AnitaAnita from Richmond Hills
I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about five month ago. I suffered from various health problems, such as fatigue, insomnia, palpitations, shortness of breath, numbness of fingertips and anxiety.
My endocrinologist recommended me to take a radioactive iodine to supress my hyperactive thyroid. However, I didn't like the idea that I had to take hormone pills for the rest of my life afterward.
I went for acupuncture and I was amazed by this treatment. I started to feel better within a month of treatment with acupuncture and herbs.
All my symptoms disappeared and the lab result showed an improvement with the numbers.
I've been feeling better and better everyday.
WendyWendy from Bayside
Both my physical and mental health have improved tremendously since I've begun my acupuncture and herbal treatment with Soon. I have a renewed sense of well-being and balance that I've never experienced before.
LouiseLouise from College Point, NY
I had breast cancer 10 years ago. Cancer treatment left me with several other health problems. I suffered from fatigue, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, and gastro-intestinal problems. I went to every kind of doctor coast to coast and nothing worked. I started acupuncture and herbs six weeks ago and it changed me to a new person. I now have plenty of energy and I'm free from all the problems that I brought. I can only tell it works. I hope you will try it and enjoy your new health. God Bless.